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DIY Mosaic Nine Drawer Chest – Part 1

Hello, and welcome to Old Raven Creates. Today I started a project that looks just like a mosaic that includes gritty textured grout and glazed ceramic tiles laid onto a flat surface…in this case a small 9 drawer chest. But the thing is – this isn’t real mosaic and those aren’t ceramic tiles – they’re… Continue reading DIY Mosaic Nine Drawer Chest – Part 1

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1907 Fashion Cutouts -I Found A Treasure Today

Hey everyone – how’s it going?  Keeping busy, surfin’ the net, looking for ideas?  Me too. One thing I like to do to jump start my creativity is browsing through creative blogs…look at projects and techniques, check out posts on new products or see what some terribly creative individual has done with a craft supply… Continue reading 1907 Fashion Cutouts -I Found A Treasure Today

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Calligraphers – MORE Nib Storage Tins

It’s SPRING – yeah!!!!  Daffodils, hyacinth and primrose are popping up everywhere.  And sunshine…lemon yellow and warm…it just feels SO good. Today I’ve been working on switching out an old listing, updating it and adding two new listings in conjunction to it because WOW have I been collecting Antique Pen Nib Boxes. This collection represents… Continue reading Calligraphers – MORE Nib Storage Tins