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Hummel 6 Coaster Set with Original Box

Yeah, it’s Friday!  Got anything special happening today? I thoroughly enjoy researching the items I find in my foraging in part so that I might write a more accurate description when I list the item and also because I love discovering the history of said item. Today was a bit of a revelation for me. … Continue reading Hummel 6 Coaster Set with Original Box

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Aluminum or Duralumin ? Quill Pen 1906 Nurnberg

Welcome to Thursday (Friday is now officially in site). I love a mystery, especially when it involves an item I’ve found while scrounging through thrift stores. And this metal quill-shaped pen is a doozy! This lightweight quill pen appears to be made of aluminum in the shape of a feather. It is engraved with “Ausstellung… Continue reading Aluminum or Duralumin ? Quill Pen 1906 Nurnberg

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Dollmakers Patterns for Hats & Bonnets

“…walking through a Winter Wonderland…”  Hello, and now that I have that song running through your head, I’ll explain.  That’s how I spent some of my morning, Bella (my dog) and I got out early just as the sun was rising behind thinning snow clouds that had spent the night giving us another couple of inches… Continue reading Dollmakers Patterns for Hats & Bonnets

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Antique Domed Funnel Top Inkwell

Welcome! Today, I’ve listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven a lovely Antique find … an Antique glass inkwell. This style was popular from the late 1800’s thru the early 1900’s.  It’s called a Safety Inkwell because even if you knock it over – it’s not going to spill ink everywhere. This was an ingenious… Continue reading Antique Domed Funnel Top Inkwell