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Real Deal Woody The Cowboy Hat

Welcome All to Saturday! Today’s shop addition is a really fun one – an authentic “Woody” cowboy hat. Even if you’ve never personally seen a Woody, Toy Story movie, you will still know what kind of headgear Woody wears. This iconic cowboy hat was actually very popular in the wild west and you can see… Continue reading Real Deal Woody The Cowboy Hat

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Kathi Urbach Frosted Tumblers – Boho Bar

Welcome to October and FALL!  I love this time of year – bursts of colors from the trees, cool days custom made for long walks and, of course, Halloween. It’s Thursday and we’re almost to the weekend – yayyyyyyyyy. Today’s new listing to my shop Old Raven on Etsy is a set of lovely glass… Continue reading Kathi Urbach Frosted Tumblers – Boho Bar

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1950s Hull USA 79 Duck Planter

Good day to one and all. Halloween is still keeping me very busy in my craft room making even more Black Widow Spiders… … this is my “Variety Pack”, and my “Witch Fires” (see Sept. 29, 2019 post). Until I can get ahead of my orders I’ll continue to fill in with my latest shop… Continue reading 1950s Hull USA 79 Duck Planter

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Collectible Cream Dairy Bottle – 1/2 Pint

Good Day All. Today’s new shop listing is for the collectors of Vintage/Antique Glass, especially Dairy Bottles. This bottle is unique and unusual in that it has an amber hue to the glass and it also has an intricate chevron pattern embossed in the glass. It’s in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or stains. … Continue reading Collectible Cream Dairy Bottle – 1/2 Pint

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Mandrake Apothecary Jar (Mandragora)

Hello all,  today I’m listing a rather unique item in my shop – a Mandrake Apothecary Jar aka Mandragora. These lovely apothecary jars were made by Eli Lilly (pharmaceuticals) in the 1970’s and were given as promotional gifts and were a Limited Edition.  It’s hard to believe, but this jar is over 50 years old!… Continue reading Mandrake Apothecary Jar (Mandragora)

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Horseless Carriage Lantern – Dietz Lamp

Hey Everyone – how’s your Tuesday going? Today I’m traveling back to the 1800s. This is a Dietz Buckeye Dash Lamp Model No. 0.  This was made for the horseless carriage (what the very first automobiles were called) industry. It burned kerosene and basically just hung off the front of your carriage/car and lit the… Continue reading Horseless Carriage Lantern – Dietz Lamp

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The “King of German Card Games”

Happy Friday! Today I’ve added a Vintage card game to my shop’s inventory – but this isn’t just any card game – it’s the national game of Germany and is called the “King of German card games”. It certainly has lovely face cards!  This is a three-person trick-taking card game and has been around since (approx)… Continue reading The “King of German Card Games”