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Antique 1880’s Pressboard File Drawers

Sunshine and Spring wishes to you all! Yesterday I made time to visit a crafting recycle store and was treated to an amazing surprise.  14 Antique document file drawers made of pressboard. Pressboard is a sturdy rigid paperboard stock with a smooth, distinctive finish which has a marbleized look – you’ve probably seen it before as… Continue reading Antique 1880’s Pressboard File Drawers

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1901 Artist’s Case – China and Porcelain Painting, Supplies and Tools

Oh man – this was like opening a treasure chest!  I love Antique items, especially things that were ‘personal’, things that carry a hint of the previous owner like a name or initials, dates or paper clippings or like this – tools and dreams.   Talk about eye candy!  Wouldn’t this make a fabulous display… Continue reading 1901 Artist’s Case – China and Porcelain Painting, Supplies and Tools

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Collectible Lucite Salad Bowls by Regaline

Hey everyone – how’s your day going? Spring is trying very hard to push Old Man Winter out the door here but it’s still well below freezing at night.   But today we have sunshine, at least! And I found this waiting for me in my front yard garden – the first blossom of 2019!  Primrose… Continue reading Collectible Lucite Salad Bowls by Regaline

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I Love A Mystery…

…which is a good thing because I have no idea what this thing is! I just listed it in my Etsy shop Old Raven.  Click here to visit the listing: A few details:  This is a metal cylinder.  It’s almost 6″ long.  The metal looks to have a silver overlay.  It has two metal… Continue reading I Love A Mystery…