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New In The Shop

Normally, I’m posting on my latest creations but lately all I’ve been working on is replacement items that are selling out in my shop.  Lots of Black Widow Spiders have been going into the mail recently (in June?, yep – they sell year round). 50 of the “regular” or actual sized black widows and 20… Continue reading New In The Shop

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Antique Gillott Nib Boxes – Pretty Irresistible

TWO WEEKS !  I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted.  I don’t know how you daily posters do it.  (slaps hand to forehead as a sign of frustration) So what have I been doing?  Nibs.  Gillott nibs to be exact mixed in with my love of little boxes.  A few years back… Continue reading Antique Gillott Nib Boxes – Pretty Irresistible

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Dip Pen, Nib Storage and Organizer

Hey everybody – YEAH – Spring gave us a little teaser this weekend here in Boise, Idaho and boy did it feel GREAT! I took it as a personal reward for completing a project I’ve been working on – a nib organizer. Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly getting into calligraphy, you know,… Continue reading Dip Pen, Nib Storage and Organizer