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DIY Mosaic Nine Drawer Chest – Part 1

Hello, and welcome to Old Raven Creates. Today I started a project that looks just like a mosaic that includes gritty textured grout and glazed ceramic tiles laid onto a flat surface…in this case a small 9 drawer chest. But the thing is – this isn’t real mosaic and those aren’t ceramic tiles – they’re… Continue reading DIY Mosaic Nine Drawer Chest – Part 1


Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977

Welcome everyone to my Monday blog post. Today I have a neat pair of Vintage binoculars to show you.  These guys are really tiny, only about 3″ wide! The brand is Kanto, a Japan manufacturer who made binoculars from 1967 to 1977.  Yes, these still work, too. But what a great accent piece for your… Continue reading Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977


Early 1900’s Promotional Desk Organizer

Welcome to one all. Today’s shop offering is a wonderful old brass desk organizer. This piece might have been overlooked by quite a few people before someone with the curiosity of a cat (me) picked it up and opened the lid. I love this kind of surprise.  Look at all these cool old tools!  Little… Continue reading Early 1900’s Promotional Desk Organizer


Tart Tin Christmas Tree Forest

Welcome to one and all.  My twinkling Christmas lights are up, it’s snowing and I’ve been making adorable little Tin Christmas Trees. I’ve posted a ‘how to’ if you want to make your own. I’ve also already posted links to a couple of the trees pictured above.  Instead of doling these out one listing… Continue reading Tart Tin Christmas Tree Forest


Tart Tin Christmas Tree with Red Trim

Hey everyone – how’s your weekend going?  Snowflakes are falling outside my window as I write this and I have ‘Very Snowy Spruce’ scented wax melting in the burner so my whole house smells like the mountains. In my last post – – I did a step out ‘how to’ for making these cute… Continue reading Tart Tin Christmas Tree with Red Trim