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1950s Hull USA 79 Duck Planter

Good day to one and all. Halloween is still keeping me very busy in my craft room making even more Black Widow Spiders… … this is my “Variety Pack”, and my “Witch Fires” (see Sept. 29, 2019 post). Until I can get ahead of my orders I’ll continue to fill in with my latest shop… Continue reading 1950s Hull USA 79 Duck Planter

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The “King of German Card Games”

Happy Friday! Today I’ve added a Vintage card game to my shop’s inventory – but this isn’t just any card game – it’s the national game of Germany and is called the “King of German card games”. It certainly has lovely face cards!  This is a three-person trick-taking card game and has been around since (approx)… Continue reading The “King of German Card Games”