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Rusty Wire Upcycle – Spring Wreath

“Found Object” and “Upcycle”, ahhhh, words dear to my heart.  I’m constantly tuned towards the potential of discovering the ‘found object’ that will be a treasured addition to my art supplies. Case in point:  on a recent dog walk I found a jumble of old wire. Old wire, and that’s wire that’s been outside for… Continue reading Rusty Wire Upcycle – Spring Wreath

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Halloween Ghosts (Ghosties)

Halloween is my thing.  I love the fun and slightly edgy vibe at Halloween, the tricks, the treats, the colors and the general attitude of folks as they wander about looking at front yard displays ranging from the grizzly macabre to a fifteen foot dragon made of polyester and hot air, everyone get’s to release… Continue reading Halloween Ghosts (Ghosties)

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The Dresser Project – Part 3

I’m a Libra.  I tell you this because apparently something inside me has really taken that fact to heart because even before I knew I was a Libra (and all that that entails) I had one overpowering mission in life = BALANCE.  My balance “gene” is particularly strong in the field of visual balance.  Whenever… Continue reading The Dresser Project – Part 3

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The Dresser Project – Part 2

Okay, so there’s been a few stumbling blocks with this project but it’s coming along.  I’ve got it completely painted inside and out and I love the soft, sort of sage-y green I picked.  Well, I didn’t really pick it – I went to Home Depot with the wallpaper I intended to use and pointed… Continue reading The Dresser Project – Part 2

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The Dresser Project – Part 1

Careful What You Ask For… For years I’ve been admiring and drooling over furniture, especially dressers, that had been upcylcled from what appeared to be a Salvation Army reject to a truly amazing home decor accent.  I really wanted to try my hand at that but to my continued frustration I could never seem to… Continue reading The Dresser Project – Part 1