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Oriental Bell Temple Shrine

I came across this brass pagoda-style bell (pictured above) at a second hand store recently.  It’s dimensions are 7″ x 5″ x  2″.  It was missing a brass knob screw (top of left post) but it did still have it’s original ringer/striker, that’s it hanging on the right side. I really like making Shrines and… Continue reading Oriental Bell Temple Shrine

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Halloween Humor – Lighten Up People!

This is MY TIME OF YEAR – I love Fall, all the colors, the cooler temps and HALLOWEEN. It’s also the start of the ‘Holiday Season’ which has many folks groaning as they check the available balance on their credit cards (Christmas) uggh.  I say forget Christmas – Halloween is the best holiday of the… Continue reading Halloween Humor – Lighten Up People!

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25 Drawer Apothecary Style Jewelry Box

This post won’t be a breakdown of how I made this jewelry box as I’ve stepped out the process before in a couple of other posts.  As usual, my apothecary cabinets start with a Kaisercraft base, in this instance I used the SB2204 Shadow Box Drawers. Remember, if you would like to try your hand… Continue reading 25 Drawer Apothecary Style Jewelry Box