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Rusty Wire Upcycle – Spring Wreath

“Found Object” and “Upcycle”, ahhhh, words dear to my heart.  I’m constantly tuned towards the potential of discovering the ‘found object’ that will be a treasured addition to my art supplies. Case in point:  on a recent dog walk I found a jumble of old wire. Old wire, and that’s wire that’s been outside for… Continue reading Rusty Wire Upcycle – Spring Wreath

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Vintage Treasures and Upcycle Possibilities

BUT FIRST… The latest from my cat – Smokey.  Cats, being the total Prima Donnas that they are, how does one explain a cat finding comfort laying on shoes for a nap? She did open one eye in disdain for me interrupting the snooze.  I slunk away in shame and left her to her beauty… Continue reading Vintage Treasures and Upcycle Possibilities

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Custom Christmas Advent Calendar – We Begin!

I just had a custom order come into my Etsy shop, Old Raven, for a Christmas Advent Calendar.  Advent Calendars have been around since the mid 1800s and they’ve been handmade as well as massed produced in a huge variety of styles from the very simple to incredibly intricate.  Some Advent’s are flat and made… Continue reading Custom Christmas Advent Calendar – We Begin!


Banana Hanger + Bird Cage + Skeletons = Halloween Decor (?) Part 2 of 2

Time to wrap this project up!  Since I decided to make the bottom of the banana hanger into a maw with teeth then it only seems right that the outside of the ‘mouth’ will need skin, or in this case, scales.  I chose an alligator hide embossed paper in a tan color.  As I much… Continue reading Banana Hanger + Bird Cage + Skeletons = Halloween Decor (?) Part 2 of 2