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Steampunk Tyrannosaurus Rex – YES!

Did you catch my other post on Steampunk Triceratops?  That’s him next to T Rex about to get down to business.  I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN with those paper mache blank forms of dinosaurs that I found. In case you might be interested in trying your own hand at creating a ‘punk’ dino, these… Continue reading Steampunk Tyrannosaurus Rex – YES!

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Branding Your Business

I have an online shop with Etsy called Old Raven.  I sell my handmade altered art projects there as well as craft supplies and Vintage/Antique items that I find rummaging through Estate Sales where I love to find things to incorporate in to my altered art. Now Etsy has really been on a roll for… Continue reading Branding Your Business

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Giant Apothecary Cabinet – Part 5 of 5

Finally – I’m back with the last installment of my apothecary cabinet.  My sincere apologies for it taking so long but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts (ad nauseam) I broke my left shoulder and while I could do some work other tasks were simply out of reach, literally. But hopefully your patience is about… Continue reading Giant Apothecary Cabinet – Part 5 of 5

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Know You Are Loved – A Valentine Gift

  I know my last post indicated I would be adding the next installment of The Giant Apothecary but alas, this pesky broken shoulder just won’t let me get to the last few steps to get that thing finished off!  And I gotta tell ya, it’s really FRUSTRATING. So, taking a step back and a… Continue reading Know You Are Loved – A Valentine Gift