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Antique 1880’s Pressboard File Drawers

Sunshine and Spring wishes to you all! Yesterday I made time to visit a crafting recycle store and was treated to an amazing surprise.  14 Antique document file drawers made of pressboard. Pressboard is a sturdy rigid paperboard stock with a smooth, distinctive finish which has a marbleized look – you’ve probably seen it before as… Continue reading Antique 1880’s Pressboard File Drawers

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Dip Pen, Nib Storage and Organizer

Hey everybody – YEAH – Spring gave us a little teaser this weekend here in Boise, Idaho and boy did it feel GREAT! I took it as a personal reward for completing a project I’ve been working on – a nib organizer. Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly getting into calligraphy, you know,… Continue reading Dip Pen, Nib Storage and Organizer

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A Paper Crafters Take on Tiffany Stained Glass “Fancy Goods”

Louis Comfort Tiffany – a name synonymous with the pinnacle of beauty in the stained glass world. He created and produced art in the late 1800s to the early 1900s and was one of the main driving gears for the “Art Nouveau” movement.  For many, Tiffany’s fame was stained glass windows, but he also made… Continue reading A Paper Crafters Take on Tiffany Stained Glass “Fancy Goods”

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The Golden Age of Penmanship – Dream Points

To all you calligraphers out there – I know many of you are starting to have heart palpitations about now. Why? asks the rest of us. Well, that’s what this post is about – learning something new. To set the stage:  I love to rummage.  Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Second Hand Stores and Nature’s Own… Continue reading The Golden Age of Penmanship – Dream Points