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How To Make Beautiful and Brilliant Gift Eggs

Welcome to one and all. Thank you for dropping in for a visit. The last couple of days I’ve been working on restocking my (Easter) egg supply. I put Easter in parenthesis because, yes, I originally starting making them for Easter, however, I quickly moved on to making a decked out version for ‘Wedding Eggs’… Continue reading How To Make Beautiful and Brilliant Gift Eggs

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Old Raven Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

Happy February Everyone! And Welcome to my Blog. Well, the news doesn’t seem to change all that much and while I keep a wary (or is that weary – either would work) eye on what’s happening here and around the world, I try very hard to remember there’s only so much I can actually do… Continue reading Old Raven Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

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Anybody Want A Cat?

Just joking, but sometimes I might wish for mine to be a breed other than a tortoiseshell. The rather strange spelling of their breed’s name should be your first clue. Tortoiseshells or ‘torties’ for short, are known for their ‘unique’ personalities. (Wikipedia) Tortoiseshell cats are sometimes credited with having a strong-willed and hot-tempered personality. Cat aficionados believe these feisty personality traits… Continue reading Anybody Want A Cat?