Dog Walk Turns Into Trash Day

Greetings to one and all.  I hope this second day of April – yay Spring! – finds you happy and healthy.

I’ve been working steadily on my Mosaic Chest and will have a Part 2 post up shortly, but the sun broke through the clouds for an hour or so yesterday and Rock and I knew just how to spend that hour outside.


While walking our dog Bells a few days back we chose a relatively unused track up into our foothills.  And surprise, this is what we found around a small rise off the trail.


Looks like someone had quite a set up here…table and chairs and a very nice view to peruse while they drank, smoked weed and generally relaxed from, what was no doubt, their hectic lives.


But oops, someone left their inhaler behind.  I hope they’re okay and didn’t have a health emergency only to find they’d misplaced there meds.


Along with all the other items they left behind.

Yeah, I’m being a bit snarky here but I confess this makes me SO MAD.

Well, there’s only one thing to do – clean up time!


This bit was just too ironic don’t you think?  “Smart” water in a non-biodegradable plastic bottle that was then tossed out for the deer and coyotes to admire.

Maybe these days are giving me way too much time to think…or maybe they could give us all the time to think about every thing.  Even the small day-to-day acts we do that when compounded times billions for every person on the planet…well, perhaps there’s a new way of life that may emerge from this current thoughtlessness.  Just something to think about.


My husband called it a chance to do some cross-training.  Usually it’s mtn biking for him and hiking for me, today we got to use some different muscles.


An hour later and a full load, we were happy with our efforts and ready to go home.

20200401_093631 (2)


And this was what we left behind.


That’s better.

Spring is just starting here in Idaho, the grass is turning green and the bitter brush is just beginning to unfurl this years leaves.  And the sky…that beautiful, clear blue sky, is still Spring’s sapphire blue.

This is my home, I was born and raised here in Idaho and my roots run deep indeed.  While so much stress and misfortune whirls like a vengeful tornado over our world right now, this one thing was something I could do something about.

Future dog walks will include a pair of work gloves and trash bags and when we see trash…we’re going to pick it up!  Come, join us.





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