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Mid Century Vintage MOP Earrings – Wedding Gift???

Saturday the 7th and already one full week in to March.  Spring is starting to push Old Man Winter towards his bed and a well deserved long sleep, I say – nighty night.

Today I’ve got MOP jewelry to share.


MOP (Mother of Pearl) items seem to do very well in my shop.  I’ve had Vintage necklaces and other earrings on offer that have sold with the results of customers very happy with their purchase (the most important part).  So now, when I see nice MOP items, I snap them up.

20200229_162653 (2)

This earring pair are very nicely hand carved showing a lot of detail in the work.  These also show the pearly iridescence of quality MOP.  They are clip on style earrings, which was more common in the day for mid century earrings, but it would be easy to change these out to pierced if one preferred that.


But the thought that came to me while I was making my shop listing for Old Raven on Etsy was wouldn’t these be perfect for bride earrings.  These would perfectly cover the “something old” category.

They would also make a lovely mother-in-law present or even a bridesmaid’s gift.  They just seem made to wear for a wedding.

Here’s the link:

I hope your weekend plans include something special just for you. – Kriss

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