Antique Genovese and Vogel Scissors

Welcome to a new day.

One of the best things about Estate Sale shopping is you never know what you’re going to find.  This time it was a couple of rare Antique Barber scissors tucked in with a couple of old sewing scissors in a crazy jumble of sewing supplies and craft odds and ends.


These two steel scissors were made early in the 1900s – maybe as early as 1912.  These are made for cutting hair and would be called Barber scissors or shears.  The top pair is by the Vogel Brothers of Chicago Ill and the lower pair is made by J.V. Genovese of Brewster NY.  They are quite rare now and with a little cleaning and a nice sharpening job they would be ready to go right back to work!  Some hairstylists refuse to use anything but these Antique models because of their quality and the precise cut they deliver.


This is a nice pair of Wiss scissors used for embroidery.  These would probably be more mid century in origin and they are also from the USA.


And finally, this little gold plated pair is from Germany.  This pair was a bit mistreated but would still make a nice accent piece in a display or collage.

I’m selling these as a set of four – follow the listing to my Etsy shop Old Raven:


How about my critters you ask?  Well, yesterday I went for a walk on one of the trails tucked into my community.


Bells was very intent on some interesting scents right along the trail that morning, I’ll see why later.

Summer is slowly sliding into Fall here and I love this time of year.  Everything has grown to its fullest capability and it’s time to think about taking a break.  Mornings are cool and damp and it’s easier to just take long deep breaths.


This is the edge of this wetland area that’s been preserved in our community.  The trail I was on is just a bit out of view to the left.

When we came back out from our walk I thought I had seen a bit of movement in here, and yes, there’s a deer about an inch off center of this shot.  Can you see it?


What’s amazing here is there is actually SIX deer right there.  There were people right next to me unloading mtn bikes and preparing to ride as well as others opening and closing car doors coming and going to or from their hikes here or across the road to another trail and no one else saw them but me and Bells.

Life is everywhere – take a moment and look – it’s good for the soul.

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