TOP OFF – It’s a What???

Newly listed in my shop – this is a Vintage kitchen tool that you could put in a collection, but better yet – put it in your kitchen drawer.


This guy may have been made in the 1930’s but it still works great!  Stuck on lids have met their match.


The handle is wood with the original green paint, the rest of this beefy tool is all steel.


An easy crank of the handle and underneath gears open cupped edges that you simply fit over the edge of the lid/top and tighten down.  Then just give a twist and the lid’s off just that quick!


Do you like playing bartender?  Then keep one of these handy for opening a jar of olives or cocktail onions and you’ll hear “you always have the coolest toys”.


If you’re always on the lookout for unique inexpensive gifts – keep this one in mind.  Every Farmhouse Kitchen, Country or Boho Kitchen needs one of these.  Follow the link below that will take you right to this item in my shop (Old Raven):


Life is fun, especially when we have new (old) toys to play with, right?  Thanks for following.

Oh, and Bella and Smokey?  Smoke is well named – in the Summer we barely see her at all, just when she allows us the privilege of feeding her and then she’s off again.

Bells, well here’s some pics from this mornings walk with her best friend Budders…


…who, sad to say, is prone to getting cheat grass in his ears which equals big bills at the Vet’s.  So Bud’s mom found this mesh ‘bag’ that goes over a dog’s head and keeps out the cheat grass.   For Bud – the question is:  can I still pick up sticks with this thing on?


The answer is “yes”.  Sorry for the wiggly picture but I confess I was laughing my ass off!  I mean come on – poor Bud, right?






And Bella wasn’t sure WHAT to make of her friend’s new look.  But check out those two beautiful plumes wagging away.  Dogs, ya gotta love em.

Next up from the craft studio:  what does Halloween and paper dolls have in common?  You’ll see – stay tuned.




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