The Cat’s Meow Village – 13 Piece Lot


Hello everybody – anyone into The Cat’ Meow?  These are block structures made from 3/4 inch wood and then painted to represent anything from an Historical structure to scenery items or even events or markers.


This is a ‘Woman Owned Business’ that started in 1982 by Faline Jones.  I’m sure she had no idea what she was about to launch.


The back of the blocks includes written facts about each piece.  These blocks are frequently collected as mementos of vacations or places folks dream of going.


They are perfect little ‘shelf sitters’ and add interest to a potted plant or windowsill with their bright colors and structure.


And you might have noticed that there is a cat silhouette on each piece – Faline is a cat lover and this particular cat is “Casper” her mascot.


The selection of blocks is enormous and can be your own home (yes, she does special orders including a person’s own home) to famous Historical landmarks.


And it’s not just the US – there are whole series and collections of around the world blocks.  WARNING:  These kinds of collections can take over your windowsill, mantle and even a small room!


These two pieces are also included in this lot – yep even soccer games and trees are available.

This is my latest listing that just went up in my shop.  Follow the link below to check the details of this 13 piece set of The Cat’s Meow Village blocks.  Fill in an existing collection or start one new – it’s a great starter set!


Have an interesting day – Kriss



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