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Antique Gillott Nib Boxes – Pretty Irresistible

TWO WEEKS !  I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted.  I don’t know how you daily posters do it.  (slaps hand to forehead as a sign of frustration) So what have I been doing?  Nibs.  Gillott nibs to be exact mixed in with my love of little boxes.  A few years back… Continue reading Antique Gillott Nib Boxes – Pretty Irresistible

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*Slightly Used Casket – $450

“Looking to sell my casket, has only been used for Halloween decorations. This is a XL full sized real casket, bought it for Halloween but tired of trying to store it. I have wayyyy to many decorations and running out of room. Can be used for what it was originally intended or other uses, ice… Continue reading *Slightly Used Casket – $450