This is for the Birds

This is my latest creation that I just listed in my Etsy shop, OldRaven.  I love working with upcycled, found and natural items and this piece has them all.

Years ago I found a large section of metal fencing that had been left to the elements with the result that it now had a beautiful patina of age.  What a treasure!  It took some effort to get this home, but it was well worth it, and I’ve been sectioning it out over the years, and making it the “framework” for many an altered art project.

I’ve taken three stretched canvases, 4″ x 4″ x 1½”, and painted, distressed and decorated – all sharing the common theme of the House Wren.


The first panel has a lovely quote from Emily Dickinson and three tiny eggs on a branch.


The next canvas is aged Scrabble tiles, a spent basil blossom and a found feather.


The final piece has clip art from a Birder’s Manual of the House Wren with some “Genus” info on an aged shipping tag.  A little nature in the form of a seed head and some more rusty wire.  Beneath it is a perfectly rusted spring balancing the bottom of this project.


It’s a fairly long piece at 24″, and at only 13″ across it’s perfect for fitting into those narrow spots on the wall that are so hard to fill but look naked without “something” there to  accent the space.


The sides of the canvases are finished, as well.

Hope you liked my latest project.

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