Upcycled Easter Eggs

Crafters who sell their work online need to look far ahead on the calendar if they want to have a good supply of available stock  on hand for holiday shoppers.  Easter is the one I have fixed in my sights at the moment and I’ve been busy in my craft room making “upcycled Easter eggs” and I have the stained and colorful fingers to prove it!


You know those funky white plastic pull apart eggs that you can buy one dozen for $1.99?  That’s what these eggs start out as.


You will also need some alcohol inks, I prefer the Adirondack brand which comes in a huge variety of colors.

Now I could do a step by step of how to make these but instead just take a moment and watch Tim Holtz’s video.  This is where I learned the method and he’s a great teacher.

So now that you know how to make these beauties I’ll just share a few more pics on eggs I’ve done.

You can color them pretty much any flavor you want, and these eggs are so much fun to make, though I wouldn’t recommend them as a children’s craft.

You can also add BLING baby !




Or how about some lace and rhinestones?


I recommend you be fearless with your accents – each egg will turn out absolutely unique. Just make sure when you’re sticking things down that if you cross over the seam where the egg pulls apart, you’ve got to either cut your bling at that point or resolve to not be able to open the egg.


But if you can’t open the egg where will you hide all those chocolate kisses?  Oh well, you can just send them to me and I’ll take care of them for you. Hee, hee.   And candy’s not the only thing you can tuck into these eggs, rings, coins, earrings, paper money, etc, they hold quite a bit.  These make fantastic wedding favors.


I’ve got a large terrarium in my living room that sits on it’s own stand about 3 feet high and I’ve been working on filling it with these eggs – it’s a real conversation piece.  But on a smaller scale, you can fill a pretty basket or bowl and leave them on display year round.  These aren’t just for Easter.  I hope you give them a try.

Now – Craft On.

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