Me and Kaisercraft = Love

Kaisercraft is a well known craft supplier who is based in Australia.  They make embellishments, scrapbook papers, paints, stencils and more.  But for me, I love their Beyond The Page line.  BTP items are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard).  These items range from Christmas advent calendars to wall art cut outs to storage units.  Unfortunately, we here in America are limited to whatever the big box craft stores want to carry or a dicey online market availability.  One big problem as well is Kaisercraft has to monitor whether it’s worth it to pay the shipping on these items to supply the American market and the BTPs, since they’re made of MDF, are heavy.  So, there are quite a few BTP items that never make it to America or are no longer shipped here because of cost concerns.  The picture above is one classic example.  It’s the SB2204 Shadow Box Drawers.

This was a major blow for me.  I’m a mixed media/altered art crafter and this wood base has been the springboard for many a project of mine and when it came time to reorder a supply of these – GASP – no longer available???


This is called “Industrial Pearls 1”.  Very much on the Steampunk line, I loved how this turned out.  Originally designed to be a Christmas advent calendar, I took the base and made it my own vision of altered art.  So a frantic call to my Kaisercraft rep and a deal was made – a small trickle of SB2204s will be allowed back to the States via my Etsy shop OldRaven.


This is “Industrial Pearls 2”, currently available in my shop (in case you’re looking for that truly unique Christmas present).  But if you’re looking for just the base,  the unassembled Kaisercraft SB2204 Shadow Box Drawers – I have it currently listed in my Etsy shop for $38.00, and I will continue to carry it, and other hard to find Kaisercraft items, for as long as I can keep the supply line open.


This is an idea from Kaisercraft for making this into a Christmas Advent Calendar.  You can tuck little treats and surprises in the (25) drawers for the kids to open each day as they countdown to the main event – Christmas.

Now – Craft On!

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