Steampunk Pumpkin – Part 3

So Close !


The front half is almost done, but close enough where we can all get a good idea of just how cool this guy is going to look when he’s finished.


Look at all those rivets!

IMG_0010 (1)

This is how the base is shaping up.  Just keep adding pieces down around the base where it curves over and flattens out.  (Your pumpkin may just curve right down to the opening for the light.)  Bring the foil paper right up to the edge of the light ring and cut it off flush.

IMG_0011 (1)

And now a view from the top.  In this picture you can see where, at the top, the grooves in the pumpkin are deeper and more concentrated, so in these areas you will need to use smaller pieces of the foil paper.  Smaller pieces can be pressed into the grooves easier.  When you start to move down into the more open, flatter areas of the pumpkin you can use larger pieces.  Yes, this is a fairly time consuming  project, but for me it’s well worth it because these are just so incredibly awesome when they’re finished – wait and see!

More soon, till then, Craft On!

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