Steampunk Pumpkin – Part 2

Progress (Slow and Steady)

I’m keeping a picture of this awesome finished pumpkin pinned up above my work station, he’s my inspiration for this project because, frankly, I knew this would be a fairly long, repetitious, detail oriented job but for some reason, that’s exactly the kind of project I seem to really love.  And even though I’ve still got a long ways to go on this pumpkin (I am asking myself though, why did I have to choose the biggest one to go with here) I can already see that this guy is going to look incredible when it’s finished, and if I can hunker down and get his buds finished as well, I can see them all lined up, grinning on my mantel with yellow witch lights glowing inside – cool.

BUMP – back to reality.  So this is where I am now: take a look.


Details: Case in point.  When you cut out sections from the main embossed sheet some of the pieces will have a bare edge or two, edges that don’t have the “rivet” bumps now.  Using an embossing stylist (small knob) flip the piece over that is missing rivets and pressing with the knob push divots into the back side in a line resembling what’s on the rest of the piece.  I use a piece of mat board to do this on because it’s kind of soft and I don’t have to press so hard as there’s a lot of little rivets to add over an entire project.

IMG_0002IMG_0005 (1)IMG_0006 (1)IMG_0008

I drew a line where I wanted to place new rivets so you could see the placement, don’t you think this piece looks much better now?

Also, don’t worry overmuch about how each piece fits onto the whole.  There will be some overlapping, just don’t leave any gaps where the orange shows through.  Alternate from smaller pieces to larger, just keep filling in sections with whatever piece looks the best there.  Press the foil paper into the lines/grooves of the pumpkin but don’t press out your embossing pattern.


For the stem on top, I did use foil tape here, it is not embossed though.  Just cut strips, lay out four or five around the diameter of the stem being sure to cover the top and run down onto the body some, and then continue to fill in the rest of the open areas until you have it all covered.  I put some glue on the tape as I don’t trust the tape to hold it’s sticky over the long haul.  I also use a bone folder tool to smooth the edges down so everything lays nice and flat.  I do this on the embossed pieces, too, but be careful you don’t press out your embossed rivets.  Smooth just the edges with the tool.


Alright – as you can see progress IS being made.  This guy has a great face, he really looks like he’s up for a fright night!  Remember, all that shiny silver is going to get a Vintage patina of black before we’re done.  But right now, I’m happy with this bad boy, he’s lookin’ good.  More to come soon, till then, Craft On.


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